Canoe Polo X Rock


New model to the UK for the 2014 season.


Since first our model of canoe polo Aqua Polo main trends and rules have been changed. Regarding to present trends in world of canoe polo we also decided to make new modern model for canoe polo. Our goal was to find best resolution between speed and agility. We made it and we created new and modern kayak for canoe polo – X Rock. For impact zones we use integrated padding. First models of this kayak are already on the water.

Kayak on the photo was made in Carbon VIP version with transparent gelcoat. With seat and padding kayak weight 7,5 kg. Club version is heavier but more resistance and cheaper. This construction was made special for training and Carbon VIP version is for tournament.

Kayak is consistent with the principles of International Cano Federation – Rules for Canoe Polo.


Technical specification

  • Length - 299 cm
  • Width - 58 cm ( widest point)
  • Weight from - 7 kg (Carbon VIP version) to 8 kg (Club version)
  • Weight of kayaker - M - 60-80, L 75-95
  • Impact zone - standard (in line – integrated)


From £515